How to keep track of ideas and helpful articles for your email list (14 ideas + free template)

 Hannah Wiginton

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Keep track of all those helpful articles to share with your email list! Includes 14 content ideas + free template.

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important things you need to do is build a relationship with your customers and clients.

After all, without them, where would you be?

They need to trust you and your product or service. Communicating on a regular basis is key.

A simple, yet astounding way to do this is through an email list. Email is a personal digital connection.

Why is it important?

An email is given to you. Giving you their email address implies they’ve seen enough to trust you and they’re interested in what you have.

So, send them what you’ve got!

Some ideas you can send to your list:

  • Details about your process (behind-the-scenes)
  • Quick video tips about their interests and how you can help
  • Helpful articles discussing issues they may be having in business
  • Advice based on your expertise and experience
  • Information about your products
  • Information about your services
  • Templates they can use, created in Google Docs, Excel, or any other app they may use
  • An Ebook
  • Your most recent article or articles
  • Thought-provoking articles you come across while browsing the web
  • “Cheat Sheets” to reference for any category of knowledge
  • YouTube videos of others in the same industry
  • Coupons of discounts for your product and service
  • A round-up of some helpful individuals who can help with business operations

Here’s a template I use to keep track of interesting articles, ideas, and notes I want to share!

Feel free to use this template to start gathering resources and ideas to send to your clients and customers.

You can use the template in Notion.

The Notion template is easy to quickly gather URLs when you’re on the webpage. You can do this through ‘Sharing’ from your phone or you can use the Google Chrome browser extension.

To quickly get your ideas into Notion, read my article to learn how to set up a quick add button up Notion on the iPhone.

Download the Notion Template

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