Here are samples of marketing and writing projects I’ve completed. 

If you’re ready to discuss your project, contact me.


The Ultimate Guide to Airtable for Nonprofits

The Ultimate Guide to Airtable for the Legal Industry

Drinkin’ Dr. Pepper and Spinnin’ Ropes

34 Life-Changing Reasons to Be a Foster Parent

Understand Your Foster Child’s Trauma: 3 Books to Help You Meet Your Child’s Needs

Series of Software Comparison Articles (currently 8)

Articles on this website

Technical Documentation

Support Documentation – On2Air – Wrote the entire library of support articles

Other Projects I’ve Completed

Informative Website Articles

Web Copy (AKA – all the marvelous words on your website showcasing you and your service or product)

Marketing and Sales Guides

Email Sequences

Press Releases

Grant Proposals

Web Design

Sweet and Wild Band

Bilbo Golf Tournament

Cowpokes for Kids Trail Ride

New Horizons Ranch and Center

Extreme Backpacks

Blue Mesquite Designs

2M Rental and Sales 

And many more I just haven’t listed!