SaaS Website Copywriting that connects with your soon-to-be customers

You’ve worked hard creating and marketing a product that truly helps someone else in their business. You’ve had setbacks and definitely some frustrations, but it’s starting to pay off.

And you want to make sure you showcase everything your SaaS can do and how it can rock your customer’s world.

That’s why I’m here.

To bring together the right words at the right time.


You’ve found a SaaS Copywriter that believes in marketing and one that understands software.

SaaS website copywriter

You’re here, so that means you know the words on your website can make or break a sale.

You don’t need website copy that’s generic and bland. Or worse, big words and jargon that make a potential customer go, “huh, what?”

Let me find the words that resonate.

The words that make your potential customers say, “Wow, that is exactly what I’ve needed!”

Who’s this for?

➡ The Founder and CEO who’s ready to upgrade the messaging on your site

➡ The Director of Content who needs someone they can trust to write copy for their product pages

➡ The VP of Marketing who wants website copy that aligns with the marketing strategy

Ready to get started?

You have tons of mind-blowing features and want to describe them in a way that makes sense.

Cutting right to the core of what matters, I’ll explain the value your product brings to the table.

You need a website copywriter with a knack for making words sing as they fly off the keyboard. And the software and tech savvy to quickly understand what your SaaS can accomplish.


When you want your website to shine

  • Give soon-to-be customers a “lightbulb” moment

  • Help your potential customer understand how your product aligns perfectly with their business needs

  • Build trust with your audience

    • Bring in customers and leads that make sense for your product

    How it works


    1. Understand your business

    You and I will do a 1 hour workshop where we outline what your goals are, who your ideal customers are, who your competition is, and what your product can do.


    2. SEO Research

    Research search engine data to see what’s being searched, what’s ranking in Google, and discover similar SEO keywords to answer your customers questions

    3. Customer Research

    You’ll tell me about your current and potential customers, what they do, and what they’re looking for in your product. I’ll review conversations in forums, online groups, review sites, and more to learn what problems your customers need resolved. 


    4. Overview and Suggestions

    Provide you an overview of the research and present my suggestions for your website. Agree on final direction of website copy based on customer and research-backed data.


    5. Write your web pages!

    Write your website copy based on SEO research, your goals, and what your target audience needs!

    What you’ll get


    Website Copywriting

    Includes up to 4 Web Pages – $2,400



    – 4 pages of custom written words based on what your customer needs, what your product can do, and SEO-based messaging


    –  Engaging web copy specific to your brand and tone for pages, such as the homepage, services, features, and about us


    – Includes copy describing benefits and features of your service or product


    – 10-12 keywords incorporated into your website words that match what your customers are searching


    – 2-4 graphics specific to each page – screenshots, images, real-life examples


    – Someone who understands software and can quickly catch on to your what your product can do

    I need website copy

    Ready to get started?

    SaaS Copywriting