How to Add a Quick Note to Notion on iPhone

 Hannah Wiginton

Let's create a Quick Note option for the Notion app on iPhone. This will show you how to set up a quick note option to add notes on the go.

Notion is an all-in-one collaborative workspace for organizing your personal and professional information. You can add notes, to-do lists, custom no-code relational databases, tables, toggles, embeds from any website, images, files, and so much more.

You can create and structure your content however you wish. It’s flexibility has individuals comparing it to a big box of Legos where you can build and organize anything you want.

In this article, I’ll show you a few different ways you can add Quick Notes to Notion from your iPhone. You can use the Shortcuts app, Widgets on your home screen, use Siri, Drafts app, or Zapier.

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Storing Quick Notes in Notion

I’ve been using Google Keep for quick notes but since I now have most of my information in Notion, I would like to add Quick Notes in the app also.

Currently, Notion does not have Home Screen Quick Actions or a 3D Touch menu. That’s the menu that pops up when you lightly press an app icon. This means you need to open the app to add anything.

When you first open Notion,  there’s an icon at the bottom right to create a new Page. It’s great if you’re already in the app, but not useful if you’re not in the app.

So, let’s create a quicker way to add notes on the fly.



Steps to Add a Quick Note – 2 Options

There are a few different ways to add Quick Notes

Using the Shortcuts App


Using a Widget

Steps 1 and 2 you will only have to do 1 time to set up the shortcut.

Step 3 will show you how you to add a quick note each time.

1. Create Your Inbox Page in Notion

• Create an Inbox Page in Notion

This will be your main Page to capture anything and organize at a later time.

Inbox page in Notion
  • Next, create a Template Button inside your Inbox page

To do this:

  • Click inside the blank section of the page
  • Click the + icon in the menu on the bottom left
  • Click Template button (Scroll to the bottom and Template button is in the Advanced Blocks section)
Template button
  • Rename your Template to Add A New Note
  • Delete the default To-Do checkbox
  • Click the + icon inside the Template field and add a new Page

Template setup in Notion

This is where you can get creative with your Note template!

Ask yourself what you want to see on every note you create from this Shortcut.

  • Do you want to see the date you create the note?
  • Have it link to another page or database?
  • Have a specific cover photo or icon?
  • Tag another person?

On this page, create a template to use as a default for each Quick Note.

Here’s an example:

Title – @Now – thoughts

Tag: /anotherpage

✔ – To Do

✔ – To Do

Created at: @Now

Here’s mine:

  • Once your template page is setup, swipe back to your Inbox page
  • You should now see your new template button that says Add a New Note
  • Click it and a new note will be created based on your template!

(Shortcuts Option Only) Copy and Share the Link to Begin Shortcut Setup

Now, copy the link to your Inbox page to begin the Shortcut setup

(Share > Copy Page Link)

Share button in Notion
Share link in Notion app

a. Set Up a Shortcut to Your Quick Note

  • Click the blue + button 
  • Click Add Action
  • Click Apps
  • Click Safari
  • Click Open URLs
  • Paste your Notion page URL
6-paste URL
  • Name your Shortcut

b. Use a Widget on the Home Screen

You can use a Notion Widget the links directly to your Inbox page

  • Long-press in an empty space on your iPhone home screen
  • All of your apps will start to wiggle and dance 😃
  • Click the + button in the top left
  • You’ll see the Widgets screen
  • Type in and click Notion

  • Choose the first Widget that has a link to one page and click Add Widget
  • The Widget will show up on your home screen
  • Click the Widget to open up the settings
  • Choose your Inbox page in the Page field
  • Now, you should see the Inbox widget on your home screen!

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2. Add your Quick Note to Notion

 You will do this to create your Quick Note each time you want to add a note.

For the Shortcuts App

If you don’t already have it, add the Shortcuts app to your Widgets screen

  • Click your Quick Note button on the far left Widget Screen
quick note in notion from widget screen
  • Click your New Note Template
new note template button
  • Your note will be automatically created and added to your Inbox page

Now, each note will stay in Inbox until you move it to another location in your workspace, whether it’s another page or a database table!

For the Widget on the Home Screen

  • Click the Inbox widget
  • Click Add a New Note
  • Your note should open!
  • Swipe backward and you’ll see your new note on the page

Now, each note will stay in Inbox until you move it to another location in your workspace, whether it’s another page or a database table!  

More ways to add Quick Notes in Notion

Quick Entry with Shortcuts (Useful for Text Input and Siri)

If you want to add notes with a text input option from the Shortcuts app, check out this tutorial from Ben Smith. With this method, you can quickly add a new database page using a widget or Siri.

Drafts App Quick Capture to Notion – API Automation

Use the Drafts app with the Notion API (via Zapier) for instant Quick Capture of Notes, Ideas, Tasks, and Events with this tutorial by August Bradley.

Final thoughts

With any of these methods, you can quickly add notes or reminders to Notion on-the-go. Your notes go to a central location for sorting at a later time.

What’s great about these methods is you can create quick notes for any of your Notion pages!

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