Writing is a way of sketching what’s in your brain

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“Writing is a way of sketching what's in your brain.” - 🎈 Hannah's Writing and Marketing Newsletter - Sent 2X-3X a Month
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// Writing //

Here are several threads I bookmarked on Twitter to help with writing 



// Tools //

I compiled a list of my favorite Airtable articles from around the web. I currently have 14 articles listed and adding more as I find them.

These articles include anything from neat base templates to interesting ways people use the tool.
 Best Airtable Articles I’ve Read

If you haven’t tried Notion, the all-in-one app, it’s time to get organized!

What I use it for:

Work – grant proposals, team collaboration, 
Side Jobs – tracking pitches, communication
Farm – farm certificates, egg sales, dates
Goal Tracking
Inspirational Articles

Check out my most recent Notion article on the Elegant Themes blog
Notion – An All in One Platform: A Detailed Overview & Review

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