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 Hannah Wiginton

Don't just write the article, promote it! Be sure to also check out my Hyperbole Generator.
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Here are some writing and marketing tidbits for you to process and focus on this week. 
🎯 Hyperbole Generator

I started on a little Javascript writing project several weeks ago and decided to share it with you today. 

Check out the Hyperbole Generator!

I guess I could call it Hannah’s Hyperboles. ha.

Click the button for a random hyperbole to use in your writing or just for a laugh. 😊

If you don’t remember, a hyperbole is an exaggerated statement or extreme example. 

What do you think?
💻 The Content Marketer’s Guide to Buying a Laptop

If you’re writing, creating graphics for articles and social media, and creating videos, you need the right laptop for the job. 

I recently upgraded my laptop and wanted to give you a guide to help you find the right laptop for writing and marketing.

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🎡 Content Promotion Strategies 

You’ve put in the work on your article. You spent hours writing, editing, sweating, and doubting yourself.

But now, your article is live!

Time to tell others about it AKA Content Promotion

1. Social Media

Start with the easiest in reach – your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. 

Create a few simple graphics in Canva or Google Slides displaying a quote or a helpful tip from your article and post on social media.

2. Reach out to the websites and individuals you used as references in your article

This is one of the best things you can do. I’ve been quoted in articles and I tend to share the article.

I’ve quoted others in articles and tagged them on social or sent an email. They’ve shared the article with their own following. This is not a guarantee, but they might share it with others.

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✍ Writing Encouragement
“It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.”

— Ernest Hemingway


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