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I’ve been reviewing web copy for the home pages on websites this week. Here are some examples I came across:

>>> Swipe File – Home Page Web Copy Examples

I like Figma’s home page (I’ve also been using it to design some web copy mockups lately…really cool tool)

I also liked the pages from Arbor Bridge and Glide apps.

>>> 69+ High Quality Copywriting Templates Proven to Work

All kinds of helpful copywriting templates. It includes templates for email, social media, product, sales, and more. 


I always find gems on Henneke’s site. She has a great library of writing articles. Look through her article on power words. I bet you’ll walk away with a few new ones.

>>> 172+ Power Words: How to Write Persuasive Business Content (As Proven By Science)


Here’s the most popular article on my website right now. If you use Notion and need to quickly add notes from your phone, here’s how to do it!

>>> How to Add A Quick Note to Notion on iPhone


If you’re a notebook nerd, you’ll enjoy this thread on Twitter with everyone showing off their notebooks. All the different styles are so interesting! 


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P.S. I’ve been working on an article containing resources, guides, and tools for content and technical writers. These are resources I use all the time as a writer. I hope to have it out to you soon!

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