Don’t Be Afraid to Revamp a Blog Article

 Hannah Wiginton

You wrote the article a year ago. But it needs to be updated. Don't be afraid to revamp it so it serves a better purpose - helping potential customers.

I renamed the title of a blog article.

And then I deleted some of the writing.

I made the article a better fit to answer a question that potential customers and middle/bottom-of-the-funnel traffic need answered.

It was originally titled to capture a keyword in a Google search. I had researched the keyword and it was a fit for the blog. And while the article answered exactly what someone was searching for, there was a better purpose for it.

After reading about a frustration potential customers were having over and over again (and one that was solved with the software product I wrote about!), I realized this article was the answer.

I had already been directing people to it, but it needed some updates.

I changed the title to better match what the customer was looking for. I’m now going through it and making some small changes, so it’s easier to follow and quickly answers their question.

So, don’t be afraid to update and change articles when needed! It did have some traffic, but it was better served for those who had the exact issue I had seen many times.

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