Notion Template: Home Remodel/Renovation Construction Budget plus Contractor Database

Β Hannah Wiginton

Stay on budget and keep track of every expense and invoice with this Notion Home Construction and Renovation template. Includes extra Contractor management system.

If you’re looking for a way to track your Home Construction or Renovation budget and expenses in Notion, this is the template that can do it all.

In this article:

πŸ”¨ A ready-to-go Home Renovation/Remodel/New Build Construction budget in Notion – PLUS a Contractor Management Notion template – $49

❌ Don’t lose $1,000s just because you aren’t staying on budget and tracking every expense.

This construction budget contains:

  • Almost 30 main budget line items plus multiple sub-budget line items – Add your own as needed
  • Automatically calculated budget and expenses and tells you if you’re over/under budget for each main budget item
  • Construction Report displaying your Total Expenses
  • FREE BONUS INCLUDED: πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§ Contractors Management System – Notion template (Linked to Expenses line items)
  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON: πŸ’« House Design Options Notion Template – Quickly curate all your design ideas and keep track of your final design options and purchases with the House Design Options database system

πŸ› οΈ Great for Construction companies, Home Builders on new home construction, or Home Owners remodeling their home

This template will help you keep track of all expenses on your construction or renovation project. You simply add each new invoice or receipt expense amount underneath its Main budget item. When you do this, your expenses are automatically calculated along with your variance to show you if you are over or under budget on each budget item.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§ FREE BONUS: Includes a Contractor Management system to quickly link all of your Invoices and Expenses to the Contractor.

Keep track of the amount spent on a Contractor, plus all their details, such as phone number, email, address, and contact name.

πŸ’« OPTIONAL BONUS ADD-ON – $29: Quickly curate all your design ideas and keep track of your final design options and purchases with the House Design Options Notion template.

Notion is an all-in-one digital workspace app to keep track of your information and data. You can organize data with tables and pages. It’s useful in many different ways. Go check it out here – Notion App.

Construction Budget Template Image Notion

This construction budget has almost 35 main budget line items. It has pre-built categories like Inspections, Slab, Framing, and Plumbing. Each of these main budget items had multiple sub-budget expense line items.

This database includes pre-built formulas and roll-up fields to calculate total spent and variance of budget vs. actual.

It also includes a relation to a Contractor Database Notion template.

This is what each specific Main budget Category contains:

Inside Construction Budget


concrete labor - notion


Get a copy of the New Home Construction Budget and Contractor Template below for only $49

You will save yourself $1,000s of dollars in frustration and stress just by using this template.

Notion Construction Budget


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