Plant Tracker – How I Keep Track of My Flowers and Plants

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If you love to keep track of your plants, landscaping, or gardening, this database in Airtable is the answer!

I’ve always had a fancy for flowers. From a young girl helping Nana plant her petunias to now spending a Friday morning at the garden store buying way too many flowers, it’s quite the hobby.

It only made sense to keep a list of all the plants and flowers I planted. I wanted to track several other pieces of information like a picture of the actual plant, when I planted it, where I planted it, whether it was a perennial or annual, a watering schedule, and more.

Being a techie and “software connoisseur”, I began searching for an app and stumbled upon Airtable, a relational database that looks like a spreadsheet. It was love at first sight.

(And I’ve now written tons of articles about Airtable and third-party integrated apps)

Airtable lets you customize your own database. You can use it for anything you want to track. Maybe you want to keep a running list of books you read or articles you write for your website. Airtable does it all.

Plant Database Tracker

If you love to keep track of your plants, landscaping, or gardening, this database is the answer!

Flower and plant tracker database in Airtable

This base includes all the plants we used to landscape around our home. It includes a gorgeous Gallery view of all your flowers and shrubs.

​I took a picture after each flower and plant was in the ground. The best part was I did it all on my phone using the app.

Fields included are:

  • Plant Name
  • Season Type
  • Plant Type
  • Plant Picture
  • Area Planted
  • Instructions Image
  • Sun
  • Watering
  • Notes
  • Date Planted
  • Record Created Date
  • Plant Status

How to get the plant tracker

First, you’ll need to sign up for a free Airtable account.

Then, click the button below.

Once you’re there, click Copy base

You’ll choose your Airtable workspace and Voilà, you have your new plant tracker!

Final thoughts

If you need a easy-to-use plant tracker, this base will help you organize to your flower-heart’s desire!

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