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I'm an Airtable fan so I've read many articles about anything Airtable related from neat base templates to interesting ways people use the tool. Here are a few of my favorites.

I’m an Airtable fan so I’ve read many tutorials and articles about anything Airtable-related. This includes anything from awesome Airtable templates to the many interesting ways people use the tool.

Here’s a list of some of my favorites tutorials about how to better use Airtable. What’s even better is that many of the tutorials are on websites where there are so many more Airtable tutorials. If only I could list all of them, I would!

Table of Contents

Business Operations
Clients and Customers
Human Resources
Personal Use
Tips and Tricks

Business Operations

Here are a few ways to keep your business operations organized. There’s also a list to multiple ‘ulimate guides’ on Airtable for several industries.

How we organize our business using Airtable

How we manage our documentation using Airtable

Airtable Ultimate Guides by BuiltOnAir

Airtable Comparisons to Other Tools


Keep the books in order and the money flowing with accounting and invoicing in Airtable.

How to use Airtable for accounting and bookkeeping firms

How to Capture Payment Info in Airtable with Automation

How to automate your invoicing from Airtable

Clients and Customers

Your clients and customers keep your business running. Use Airtable to manage their information and your interactions with them.

Replacing Your CRM By Automating Your Client Onboarding With Airtable

How I Use Airtable to Manage Clients

Introducing the Orbit Model Airtable Template (Community growth)

How to build a booking system

Human Resources

Employees are your number 1 resource. Organize employee data, time, and onboard everyone with ease with these templates.

Organizing Job applications and Review

How to Track Time and Labor in Airtable

How we track timesheet entries in Airtable

How to manage your team’s schedule using Airtable

Employee Onboarding with Gravity Flow and Airtable


Don’t just write a blog, post on social media, or spend marketing dollars without having a plan and keeping everyone on track. Read through these articles for helpful info and ready-to-go templates.

How to Use Airtable for Content Audits, Part 2

You too can make dashboards: How to visualise your Airtable data in Google Data Studio

How we manage our content marketing with Airtable

How to automate your social media content using Airtable, BannerBear, and Zapier

The Ultimate Guide to Airtable for Content Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Airtable for Sales and Marketing

How to structure a social media database

Personal Use

Airtable isn’t just for businesses and your professional side. Use it to organize anything! Keep track of fitness goals, hobbies, and family plans with Airtable.

How I Use Airtable

Automating Away Paper+Postage For An Equestrian Assessment Tracker

Baffled by Airtable? Here are five things we figured out.

Airtable sewing planner template

Template for Tracking Fitness Goals

Keep Track of the Books You Read with this Book Tracker Template

Tips and Tricks

This list could go on forever. There are a variety of tips and tricks you learn when using Airtable on a regular basis and many can make your day much easier. Start with these tips.

Limit new subcategory by category

Run automation after an attachment is uploaded

Get details on the most recent linked record

Create a date from a month and year

How to create a script in Airtable (without knowing code)


Use Airtable to host data to be displayed on a website. Here’s a variety of unique ways to get set up.

Website created using Airtable – example on Glitch

Build A Directory Website Without Code In 30 Minutes Using Cardd ( & Airtable

How to create a custom Airtable Form for WordPress

The Ultimate Guide to Airtable in E-Commerce

The Ultimate Guide to Airtable for Web Professionals


While Airtable is considered a no-code tool, there are plenty of ways to use Airtable for development with their API.

Using Airtable as a Handy Cloud Storage for your Apps

11 different ways to GET and filter data from Airtable

Using Airtable With Gatsby

How to integrate WordPress with Airtable

Getting Started with the Airtable API

How to use Zapier Webhooks in Airtable

Using Airtable as a database for your Twilio app

Creating Live Dashboards with Airtable and React

This list should help you dig deeper into Airtable and find more interesting uses for it whether you’re a beginner or an expert user.

If you haven’t tried out Airtable, you can sign up here for free.

Then, read this Getting Started Guide.

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