“Is this the right software for me?” – 6 Questions Your Customer May Ask Before Purchasing

 Hannah Wiginton

Case Studies for SaaS and tech companies can be a powerful tool to show future customers how your product has helped others. Here's how you can write one in 3 steps.

In SaaS marketing, we’re always trying to better understand how our customers and potential customers view our product.

How does a customer decide “Is this the right software tool for me?”

How do buyers evaluate your software product? How do they decide “Is this the right tool for me?”

Here are 6 questions they may be asking themselves as they decide if it’s the right tool for them.

1. Does the product highlight my “features/use-case” questions on the website? 

– where do they look to verify?

– main product page with features bolded

– main menu features dropdown 

2. What experiences have others had with it?

 (want to review forums, slack/discord/reddit/facebook groups, and Google for responses)

– does it do what they say it does?

– Is it mostly easy to use?

– have others had a mostly positive experience with it?

Get reviews from your users. This can be directly from customers, either on your own website or on review sites like G2, Trust Radius, or Capterra.

3. Is the price with features I need reasonably in my budget for the return on investment I’ll get?

  – does it provide what I need?

  – even if slightly higher than my expected budget, do I think it will do the job I need?

4. Can I get started and set up fairly quickly?

– if I pay right now, can I start the process of doing what I need immediately?

– can I mostly figure out how to set it up simply?

– will I be supported if needed?

5. How does it compare to alternatives?

– does it have each feature or most features I need compared to another tool?

– do some prefer one tool over the other?

and lastly….

6. What’s my overall vibe about it?

Sounds silly, but all of these factors in different ways will influence how they “feel” about it.

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